About Us

Clearwater Arts Alliance (CAA)

We advocate, collaborate, and bring visibility to the arts to create a better community for Clearwater.

The Clearwater Arts Alliance believes that the arts are a vital component of civic life. In addition to enhancing the livability of the community, the arts have proven to be a significant factor in the social and economic well-being of our city.

  1. 1999

    Formed in 1999

    Formed in 1999, CAA is a 501(c)3 entity. CAA was originally led by Margo Walbolt, a ranking Clearwater Cultural Manager.
  2. 1999-2009

    From 1999-2009, CAA received skilled administrative and computer resources through Margo. CAA assisted in the 2002 enactment of the Clearwater Cultural Plan (CCP). In 2005, CAA helped Clearwater pass a Public Art Ordinance. Through it, city capital projects reserve 1% for public art. CAA supports public art, serving on the Public Art Committee, sponsoring receptions for new works, and encouraging private developer installations.
  3. 2009

    Margo retired in 2009, which left CAA without her considerable skills and city administrative and computer support. However, CAA carried on and continued working the CCP, solely through support from CAA’s volunteer Board of Directors, member contributions, and fundraising activities.
  4. Present


    Since then, CAA has launched several successful public art and interactive initiatives, such as Pianos in Pinellas. Tour of Pianos, and Thinking Outside the Box. CAA has been, and will continue to be, a strong advocate of the arts.
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